Reflective Essay

Essay writing is not only writing about phenomenon, experiment, or experience of others. It can also be used to write one’s own experience and observations. Such type of essays is known as reflective essay. Many students find it easy to write about others but have a very difficult time explaining their own thoughts and observations. If you lack proper writing skills, your reflective essay can turn out to be a disaster due to lack of self-expression. College application essay are a form of reflective essay in which you share your story and your reason for choosing a certain university/ college and its program. Therefore, sometime while writing a reflective essay, your future can be at stake.

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A good reflective essay is based on a specific structure. Certain guidelines need to be followed while writing a reflective essay. The basic structure is similar to other types of essays; it has three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion. You have to divide you essay according to these headings in order to make it more effective. This essay mainly highlights the most important events of your life, it is like telling a story in order to persuade, explain, or analyze a point, event, or experience.

In the introduction part, you have to develop an understanding about the content that you are going to discuss in your essay. It is very important to keep it concise but precise. This part mostly decides if the reader will go through your complete essay thoroughly or just skim the pages. In the body of the essay, you have to describe, evaluate, and then analyze the events and experiences of your life. This part reveal parts of your past, present and future. In the last section, you have to state how you have developed as student as well as a person in light of your life’s events.

Many students fail to account for many factors while writing a reflective essay. You have to adopt a writing style that is effective and impactful to the reader. You have to state not only the events but also the reasons of those events and their impact on you. Implication of the event discussed in the essay is as important as the event itself. Conclusion is a must-have. You need to take the reader back to the purpose of your reflective essay and outline a course of action based on the needs identified in the essay.

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